Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan vs. Rest of the world - Looters amidst Natural Disasters

No Looters in Japan Earthquake 2011
Looting simply does not take place in Japan. I’m not even sure if there’s a word for it that is as clear in its implications as when we hear ‘looting'

Looting in Haiti Earthquake 2010
An additional 3,500 United Nations police and soldiers were requested today to help keep the peace in earthquake-shattered Haiti as reports of looting have increased among the country's desperate survivors.

Looting in England Floods 2007
West Mercia Constabulary said that looters were targeting stranded vehicles abandoned by flood victims. Food and drinking water shortages, panic buying and the threat of looting have followed the worst flooding to hit England in 60 years.

Looting in Hurricane Katrina, US 2005
In some cases, looting on Tuesday took place in full view of police and National Guard troops.

Looting in Gujarat Earthquake, India 2001
Pandya and police officials confirmed increasing reports of looting, both of jewellery and other personal effects from bodies, as well as from shops and small businesses. "This is emerging as a concern for all the survivors," Pandya said.

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  1. Conclusion: Japanese people are more cultured than rest of the world.