Who are You ?

As much as my friends who read the blog know me, I would like to go with the name - Habatri on the web.
I have always had a fascination for pen name. I didn't realize that a few authors I knew about - Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, and George Orwell had all used pen names. So, I just made up the name Habatri for the blog.

What does Habatri mean ?
It doesn't mean anything. It is a made-up word. Like every other word we use in any language. Words take time to have meaning attached to them. 

Generally speaking - I like to think in threes. If you do too, you may like the book - Why do Buses come in Threes? The Hidden Mathematics of Everyday Life

So.. I started framing the blog's name with the following context..

Holding on to
1 point of view is extremist;
2 points of view is polarizing;
4 points of view is one too many!!

So Habatri... A combination of "habari" in Swahili(news or meaning) and "trini" in Sanskrit (the number 3) - spelt in a third language - English

Why Swahili and Sanskrit ?
Just two of the olden languages.. The first to indicate that we all came from Africa and the second to indicate the country I come from.

What is your point about this blog?
Nothing much in particular. From time to time, I get inspired by a few events and would like to write my thoughts down.

No. Really. What is your point?
Our ability to decipher the world has markedly improved over the last couple of centuries. As much as we tend to think that we know most or all about whatever is there to be known, I believe there is more noise coming from the information age that is masking the signals - especially when viewed from a uni-dimensional viewpoint(History, Science , Business, Technology,etc .. when viewed alone). True knowledge is multi-dimensional. Any one discipline can only reveal a portion of the reality. And, hence the multi-disciplinary approach to life-long learning !

What are your interests ?
I generally read and think about the following:
Business & Strategy, Philosophy & Religion, Science and Technology, History & Foreign Affairs, Mathematics, Evolution and Culture. I am no mean an expert in any. But, I like how there are some common strands that weave across these varied disciplines.