Monday, December 16, 2013

Journey of Life series

Chennai taxi driver. Makes about 600 rupees per day. Spends about 200 per day on daily loan payment (at 15% interest) for his 5th grade son in English school to pay school fees of 50k per year .

Left his agricultural land in Tiruvannamalai district as he cannot find people to work on farm land anymore...because he says people have access to easy money with little work thanks to NREGA. (National Rural Employment Guarantee)

Looking forward to return to his village after his son gets into college.. Story of another immigrant (village to city).
His son is doing very well( first rank) in school.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Journey of Life series

Bay area… Jewish taxi driver, happy to have been married for 44 years, whose grand mother, in 1903, ran away with 9 kids from Basra-Iraq to escape persecution and moved to Bombay-India, went back to Basra after a few years to find her husband killed, and then made it safe to Jerusalem…

We were Singing Raj Kapoor's Shree 420… Ichak Dhana on our way to airport

He said the ride with me reminded him of his home
With so many places, I didn't ask which place… on my way to my home

Friday, April 26, 2013

Journey of life series

In the last 2 weeks..
- A 70 year old Palestinian father of 3 attorney sons, who moved to Georgia in the 60's, never got on a flight since then, Physics graduate from Ga Tech and driving for the last 3 years after retirement - driving me home at 11 PM
- A 60+ year old Bangladeshi father of three, whose parents are currently 107 and 101 years old and believes "a Happy family leads to a healthy individual"
- An Ethiopian man, who moved out of his country, but never experienced "stress" while there - talks about stress in Corporate American passengers
- A Korean, who walks for 3 hours each day, here in Atlanta
- A 30 year Polish driver who moved to Chicago recently, looking forward to joining his wife and new born (4 months old) this summer in Poland, after saving enough money

One thing in common across all...
Each and Every one of them - Visibly Happy and Healthy - despite driving around in traffic all day.